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COVID-19 and Hypertension Virtual Webinar

COVID-19 presents a major health concern to the entire population, and those with hypertension are at increased risk. The University of Toledo Department of Physiology and Pharmacology has developed a model to help us study this increased susceptibility of people with hypertension.

This model has been generated in conjunction with ongoing projects within the department, including how metabolism goes haywire in hypertension.

The webinar is presented by:

  • Dr. Bina Joe, Distinguished University Professor and Chair of the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology in the UToledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences. Joe is the founding director of the Center for Hypertension and Personalized Medicine and a grant recipient from Women & Philanthropy in support of the Germ-Free Facility for Biomedical Research.

  • Dr. Cameron McCarthy, UToledo Dean's Postdoctoral to Faculty Fellow, hypertension researcher in the UToledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences and recipient of the NIH Pathway to Independence Award.
Last Updated: 12/17/20