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Mentorship that Matters

Arts alumna Erin Morlock thanks UT Art department for inspiration

Alumna Erin Morlock is so grateful for her UT experience that she created an unsolicited video to thank The University of Toledo Arts faculty for their long-term mentorship. "They were so integral to my creative career," Morlock says. After graduating with her BFA in 2010, she moved to the East Coast and earned an MFA. She has maintained supportive ties with the UT Arts faculty over the past eight years. "I have not experienced this level of ongoing support and mentoring anywhere else."

Morlock (A/S'10) now lives in the greater Boston area and is pursuing teaching in the arts. "I hope to pay forward the kindness, strength and wisdom [my mentors] generously gave to me." She wants to combine teaching the arts with activism and nonprofit-based work. "Ideally, I'd like the two to meet. I hope to find a place that supports its students' expression and success as much as UT does. I can't say enough good things about the Art Department!"

Asked to describe her UT experience in one word, Morlock says: Bangarang! "The sentiment is that it's inspired. It's also fun and kind of like 'awesome' only better."

Last Updated: 3/7/18