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The UT community will celebrate outstanding alumni at the Homecoming Gala on Oct. 4.


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Homecoming Gala

The UT Alumni Association's annual Homecoming Gala is a chance for us to thank and honor our alumni who make an impact every day in communities across the country and the world. This year, the Gala will be held on Friday, Oct. 4, in the Lancelot Thompson Student Union Auditorium.

Each year we honor 15 outstanding graduates. We presented the Gold T, Blue T and Edward H. Schmidt Outstanding Young Alum awards, as well as honored distinguished graduates from each of UT's 12 colleges.

The Gold T is awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to his or her field of endeavor and has been of service to the University, community or nation. The Blue T is awarded in recognition of an individual's outstanding service to the UT Alumni Association and the University through committee and community involvement.

In memory of Edward H. Schmidt, the Outstanding Young Alum Award is presented to an alum under the age of 40 in recognition of outstanding achievement in his or her field of endeavor.

A list of past Gold T, Blue T and Edward H. Schmidt Outstanding Young Alum award recipients is available below.

If you were unable to join us for the Homecoming Gala in 2018, please click here to view the Gala on demand.

Past Award Recipients

2018 Homecoming Awardees

hcGold T Award

The Hon. Betty Montgomery '76, '00View Video

WakefieldBlue T Award

Dr. Thomas Wakefield '75, '78
View Video

LaddEdward H. Schmidt Outstanding Young Alum Award

Dr. Mallory Ladd '11, '11
View Video

BradnerCollege of Arts and Letters Outstanding Alumni Award

Eileen P. Bradner '80
View Video

BeachLinCollege of Business and Innovation Outstanding Alumna Award

Sandra Beach Lin '82
View Video

lipnerCollege of Engineering Distinguished Alum Award

William E. Lipner '68, '71
View Video

searsCollege of Health and Human Services Outstanding Alumna Award

The Hon. Barbara R. Sears '83
View Video


Judith Herb College of Education Outstanding Alumnus Award

Kenneth MacLaren '66
View Video


College of Law Distinguished Alumnus Award

John M. Starcher Jr. '00
View Video


College of Medicine and Life Sciences Distinguished Alumnus Award

Dr. David Barton '89
View Video


College of Nursing Outstanding Alumna Award

Dr. Cynthia Hnatiuk '79, '85
View Video


College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Outstanding Alumnus Award

Fred Espenak Jr. '76
View Video


College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Distinguished Alumni Award

Dr. John Clark '98, '00
View Video


Jesup Scott Honors College James K. Larson Distinguished Achievement Award

Craig Holden '83, '83
View Video


university college outstanding Alumnus Award

Col. Jonathan Beasley '94
View Video


University of Toledo Alma Mater

View Video

Past Recipients

Abu-Absi, Dr. Susan, '96
Buskey, Dawn M., '88
Dr. Carey, Michelle, '11, '13
Kennedy, The Hon. Roderick, '80
Khleif, Dr. Samir, '90
Kim, Dr. Julian, '86
McDougle, Dr. Leon, '85
Miller, The Hon. Nancy, '77, '77, '79, '88
Padilla, J.D., Jose D. '80
Preis, Dr. Nancy, '71, '74
Smith, Dr. Daniel C.
Stratton, Dr. Louanne, '76, '80, '85
Thieman, Gary, '71
Wright Jr., Dr. Albert, '96
Zmuda, The Hon. Gene, '81, '84

Abaza, Ronney, '06
Binder, Capt. Michelle, '11
Bleile, Robert A., '04, '10
Calhoun-McDavid, Essie, '70
Carroll, William, '69
Fleming, Carrie, '93, '95
Hahn, Theodore T., '65, '67
Marteel-Parrish, Dr. Anne, '03
Marx, Carol Seubert, '76
Miller, Eric, '05
Mirtallo, Jay, '76
Schnipke, Dr. Rita, '78, '79
Speyer, Sharon, '85
Williamson, Dr. Celia, '83, '88
Winters, Brian '81 and Laurie '81, '89

Adams, Alex, ’07, ’09
Boyce, The Hon. Kevin, ’95
Durant, Dr. Romules, ’98, ’02, ’07
Ferkovic, Thomas, ’79
Guitteau, Tom, ’63, ’73
Kohl, Dr. John, ’67, ’69
Kolbe, Dr. Lloyd, ’75, ’78
Paat, Dr. Richard, ’86
Packard, Charles, ’67, ’68
Pettee, Joseph, ’80
Pinsky, Dr. David, ’81
Rubini, The Hon. Julie, ’13
Shyne, Dr. Rickey, ’88, ’98
Sloane, Dr. Philip, ’75
Tavel, Michael, ’85, ’85
Thomas, James D., ’87
Webster, Dr. Jerome, '92, '02

"Fair Toledo" UT Alma Mater
Collins, D. Michael, '75, '98
Hancock, Paul, '70
Hanley, Kathleen, '78, '84
Kozy, Dr. Mallie, '93, '01
Krol, Dr. David, '90
Lapp, James '73, '74
Lapp, Nancy, '74, '77

McClelland, Dr. Nina, '51, '63
McCormack Brown, Dr. Kelli, '82, '84
McDougle, Dr. Larry, '71
Monich, Melissa, '84
Reed, Dr. Ann, '84
Shaffer, Charlotte, '48
Snyder, Dr. Timothy, '81, '81, '83
Tran, Benjamin, '05
Waniewski, Tom, '78
Wisler, Jerry, '79, '84
Zake, Dr. Susan, '82, '97

"Fair Toledo" UT Alma Mater
Antonini, Marion, '52
Ballard, Phoebe, '00, '06
Bassler, Sara, '03, '04, '07
Bates, Julia, '76
Bazeley, Dr. Stephen, '74
Bowie, Craig, '81
Burkhart, Heidi, '02
Cavanaugh, Steven, '92
Engle, Dr. Jennifer, '98
Fedor, The Hon. Teresa M., '83
Hanf, Michael, '95
Howell, Dr. Steve, '82
Hogan, Barbara, '80, '82
Longenecker, Dr. Clinton O., '77, '78
Molenda, Linda, '86, '88
Reed, Kathleen, '85, '88, '93
Samborn, Randall, '82
Seibert, Dr. Karen, '84
Shehab, Nadine, '00, '02
Smith, Gary, '72
Steers, Dr. William, '80
Stockwell, Sara, '07, '09
Syleymanov, Elin, '94
Walsh, John, '88
Warner, Don, '76
Weaver, Dr. Michael, '85, '90
Yosses, William, '74

More Award Recipients

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